Isocrisp Vegan

Isocrisp Vegan
Pea and corn based protein food rich in beet fiber. Excellent protein that can be consumed with cereal, fruit salads and other food preparations. Enhance your protein intake.

• Packaging with 60g;
• Packaging with 450g.


• Ideal protein supplement for the macronutrient balance on vegan and vegetarian diet;
• Chewable crisp that helps in the satiety;
• Protein that contributes to the lean body mass maintenance;
• Prebiotic fiber source;

  • Neutral flavor;
  • Versatility for several preparations: sweet and salty;
  •  with beet fiber.

Preço Sugerido - R$ 

ISOCRISP VEGAN 450g R$ 149,00

Use Recommendations

Add 30g of ISOCRISP VEGAN (one measuring spoon) to the food of your choice. It can be consumed with sweet and salty dishes.
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“Isocrisp Vegan”

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