Gainer Muscle Plex is a food complement for weight gain that has in its composition the combination of carbohydrate, protein of high biological value, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, omega 6 and omega 3. Presentations: 2.000g. Flavors: Banana and strawberry.

• Packaging with 2000g.

• Banana;
• Strawberry.


• Food supplement for weight gain;
• It is recommended for all kinds of sports and people that are starting physical activity.


• Excellent energy source, vitamins and minerals;
• Ideal to complete diets of weight gain.

Preço Sugerido - R$ 

MUSCLEPLEX 2000g - BANANA R$ 199,00
MUSCLEPLEX 2000g - MORANGO R$ 199,00

Use Recommendations

Dilute 100g (2 spoons) in approximately 300mL of water, or drink you like. Consume it twice a day between main meals or after physical activity.
Nutritional values
Where to buy

“Suplemento energético para atletas”

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